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Funfest For Air-Cooled VW
Celebrates Mid America Motorworks 35th Anniversary
Story and photography by Nancy Bushur

EFFINGHAM, IL Mid America Motorworks corporate campus in Effingham, IL was invaded with Volkswagens of all types during the 11th Annual Funfest for Air-Cooled VW. Throughout the two day automotive show there were over 1,300 Volkswagens and 8,000 enthusiasts that flocked the grounds at Mid America Motorworks.

This year Mid America Motorworks honored the company's 35th anniversary along with Mike Yager's soon-to-be 60th birthday.  Customers were invited to park their Herbie car with the Mid America Motorworks collection of Herbie cars to create an outdoor display in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Herbie's Hollywood debut in the movie "The Love Bug".

"Each year, we all put our thinking caps on to develop new and exciting activities that we can offer to our guests" said Mike Yager, founder and Chief Cheerleader at Mid America Motorworks. "Again this year, I think we achieved a fresh and original event."

Mike Yager led over 160 Volkswagens on a 16-mile RoadTour/Cruise In through the scenic central Illinois countryside and around a beautiful lake. Mid America Motorworks switched this year's tour up a bit by changing the tour to Friday night and ending at a local eating establishment for wine tasting, food specials, live music and games.

One highlight of the event was the 1st Annual Volkswagen Auction that was held late on Saturday afternoon.  Hundreds of Volkswagen enthusiasts enjoyed viewing and bidding on over 35 Volkswagen vehicles in the auction.  After the auction, a BBQ dinner was offered to the guests along with a FREE outdoor concert.

Some of the event's other highlights were:
·         Free Tech seminars and product demonstrations
·         Free event t-shirts, pins, and posters for registered entrants
·         Free camping on the grounds
·         Exhaust sound off
·         Wheel and tire Installs
·         Kid's events were shirt tie-dyeing, model car races, face painting, and much more.

Plans are already in progess for the next Funfest for Air-Cooled Volkswagens

Funfest For Air-Cooled VW

Story and photography by Nancy Bushur

EFFINGHAM, IL - Mid America Motorworks' 150 acre corporate campus in Effingham, IL was flooded with Volkswagen's of all types during the 10th Annual Funfest for Air-Cooled VW. This year's Funfest had, yet again, record breaking numbers. Throughout the two day customer appreciation party, there were over 1,300 Volkswagen's and 8,000 enthusiasts that flocked the grounds at Mid America Motorworks.

This year Mid America Motorworks honored special guest Bruce Meyers and his creation, the Meyers Manx Dune Buggy. There are many different styles of Dune Buggies, but Bruce Meyers is the man who started it all. "Funfest for Air-Cooled VW was a huge success," said Mike Yager, founder and Chief Cheerleader at Mid America Motorworks. "As we played host to attendees from 29 states and Canada this year, we made sure there was something for everyone."

One highlight of the event was the Dune Buggy Build that took place during the free two day event. A group from dunebuggyarchives.com was challenged with the task of building a dune buggy from the ground up in just two days. Without a doubt, this was exciting to watch. The group achieved the impossible late Sunday afternoon and had the Buggy outside the tent for a photo shoot.

Mike Yager led 250 Volkswagen's on a fun filled 20 mile scenic Road Tour. Mid America Motorworks added a twist this year to the tour by turning it into a Poker Run Road Tour. $1,000 worth of gift certificates were awarded to the best hands at the completion of the tour. After the Road Tour, Mid America Motorworks still had more in store for their customers that evening. A Chuck Wagon BarBQ, bonfire and live entertainment were waiting for the participants upon their arrival from the 20 mile cruise.

Some of the event's other highlights were:

"Free Tech seminars and product demonstrations"
"Free event t-shirts, pins, and posters for registered entrants"
"Free camping on the grounds"
"Kid's events - shirt tie-dyeing, model car races, beading classes, Chalk the Bug, and face painting"
"Spa for manicures, pedicures, and massages"

Plans are already in the works for the next Funfest for Air-Cooled VW

Punch Buggy 4 SickKids

Story and photography by Wayne Dean

Planning a Volkswagen event can really take a lot out of you. First you have to pick a date (hoping that the weather will cooperate), and then try to contact enough Volkswagen owners to make the whole thing worth while. After that it's off to the city to try to get permission to use some park land for the event. Then you have to try to line up some sponsors to help carry some of the expense for the day. If you have a cruise planned, you have to plan out the route and print out enough copies of the map so that none of the participants will get lost. Add to that refreshments, prizes, entertainment, and so many other things you might think, "Why would any sane individual do this?"

Well Mitch Petty had a very personal reason for taking on this monumental task, his 8 month old daughter. Little Veronica got a bad blood infection and spent a lot time at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She has since been diagnosed with a kidney abnormality, which means that Mitch and his family will be regular visitors to the hospital for monitoring. Needless to say, he totally believes in Sick Kids and wanted to raise money for the hospital, and have some fun at the same time. This is how Punch Buggy 4 SickKids was born.

Mitch planned to drive his 1974 Baja Beetle on a 40-hour Drive-a-thon to raise money to benefit the hospital. The cruise would take him up and down some of the busiest streets in the city and help to raise awareness for his heartfelt cause. During the week prior to the event the weather forecast was not looking too good, and on the Friday night before he really wasn't sure if it was going to happen as it was calling for rain and thunderstorms for the entire day. I said a prayer for Mitch and his daughter (what could it hurt?) and went to bed. My wife and I woke up at about 8am and looked outside, no rain. So we got dressed, hopped in our Super Beetle and set a new land speed record heading for Coronation Park just outside the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto.

We arrived to about a dozen Volkswagens parked in a semicircle with more coming in by the minute. Once we got our VW set up we made our rounds saying hi to all of the fellow V-Dubbers that made the trek out to help Mitch realize his dream. A radio station was on site and a couple of local television stations were busy recording the event and interviewing our gracious host. Around noon Mitch fired up his Baja and announced that it was time for our "Victory Lap" around the city.

We had about twenty or so VWs in tow, including a Karmann Ghia and a couple of Buses as we traveled eastbound in front of Lake Ontario and then up through the heart of the city, where were did a couple of laps around the Sick Kids Hospital. With the sun shining down on our little parade it was pretty hard not to get a little emotional over the whole thing. Holding myself together my wife and I gave the peace symbol to all of the people that where waving and taking pictures along the route.

After about an hour we were back at the park eating hot dogs and listening to the sounds of Kim Koren and Punchbuggy Yellow. At this point we knew that the day could not have gotten any better and we were happy for Mitch and his enthusiastic crew. Spectators were busy checking out the Volkswagens while their owners were making sure that Mitch knew that they would be back again next year to support this great cause.

It's great when all of the planning comes together so that an event can go off without a hitch and I don't what happened to all of that rain that was forecast, but it might be nice to think that someone was watching over us and Veronica.

Little Anthony's 50's Car Show
Hosted by Tucson Arizona's Dry Heat Panzers

Story and photography by Loren R. Knapp

Little Anthony's 1950's style diner periodically has hot rod car shows. This one took place on Saturday September 9th, and it was the first time ever that a VW club sponsored the show. It was put together at the last possible moment, but the DHP (Dry Heat Panzers VW Club) still managed to fill the parking lot with 38 VW's.

DHP raffled off the artistic talents of Lemorris Harris, who happens to be a very skilled auto illustrator. The person whose name was drawn would have a framed large professional illustration of their vehicle done by Lemorris. The money made from the raffle went to a local high school to use toward restoration of a VW bug by the auto shop class.

Fun was had by all enjoying the old style rock 'n roll music and scrumptious hamburgers, fries and malts delivered by beautiful car hops in poodle skirts. "The Blues" and I had a great time and enjoyed visiting with the hard-core hot rodders, who seemed to tolerate all the air cooled V-dubs.

20th Anniversary June Jitter Bug

Story by John Spironello

The first June Jitter Bug was held in 1986 at the "Katz" Drive-In restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. The show was put on by the members of the Niagara Volks Folks Volkswagen Car club. The show has had several location changes but is now held at beautiful Firemen's Park. The June Jitter Bug is a fun event which has games for the kids, fun for the adults, and food for everyone. Firemen's Park is a well shaded area that has a giant playground for the children. We always want to make sure that people have a great time during their stay in Niagara Falls during the weekend of the show. So in order to do this we started Saturday's events at dusk or around 5:00pm. This gives people who are staying the weekend to do some site seeing during the day time.

The Saturday night event was held in the Canadian Tire parking lot, located on Mcleod Road in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was a cruise night atmosphere, very casual, and very low key. Later in the night we went on a cruise through the city and by the world famous Niagara Falls. We're so close to the Falls that your VW gets wet while on the cruise. There was plenty of food available for everyone at the local Tim Horton's, Wendy's Hamburgers, Mr Sub, and Ivan's Bar.

Sunday: The JJB is a participants judged car show. This means whomever enters their Volkswagen in the show gets a ballot sheet to judge vehicles that are not in their own class. You must hand in your judging sheet by the specific time posted at the show. We have found that over the years, because of the increase in car count, that we no longer have the means of judging the vehicles using professionals. There were door prizes given out on a regular basis throughout the day and the Swap Meet section was incredible. With new and used parts vendors, T-shirt vendors, and even Tool vendors, no one went home empty handed.

One of the most popular attractions was our famous "Clutch Eater". This is a giant teeter - totter for cars, and this seemed to challenge quite a few this year. The object is to drive your car up one side and try to balance your car in the middle. This is extremely difficult to do, because one inch too much past the pivot point sends the teeter - totter off balance and you have to go in reverse to try and balance it. This sequence happens back and forth for about a minute, and then someone else tries. Only a few have ever mastered this and the winner received a great compliment for their VW, a new clutch! Compliments of Euro Drive Clutches. The quality of Volkswagens at the show was just incredible to say the least, with over 250 vehicels in attendance. The June Jitter Bug is now in it's 20th year and this year was the best one yet! Many thanks to the sponsors and crew that made this show possible, and a special thanks to Andy Gross for putting it all together, year after year.

19th Annual VW Nationals - Australia's Largest VW-Audi Car Show

Story and photography by Lee Noonan

On Easter Sunday morning, six of the locals including my wife and I, left home at 6am to drive the 300 kms to the 19th Annual VW Nationals - Australia's largest VW-Audi car show.

What was different this year? Well, we were all driving water cooled non-Volkswagens. By some strange coincidence, most of Our Beetles were off the road for repairs, or modifications. Two of the Beetles had cracked engine blocks and the bolt that holds my flexplate to the engine (Read: Flywheel bolt in manual cars) had come loose. So there was no line of Beetles heading south this Easter.

We did however have a beautiful sunny summers day even though its Autumn down here. There were many new entries in the Type 1 and Type 2 classes at the show and shine. And just about every spare part was available, either new or used. The prices asked for used parts was very inexpensive, and I must say the Taiwanese chrome on some of the new VW accessories is now excellent! I hope this trend continues.

As usual, many of the Beetles that parked in the car park, should have been entered in the show and shine. I hope that you'll enjoy a look at some of Australia's Beetles and Type 2's. My son and I go to the VW Nationals in the city of Sydney each Easter Sunday, and since we live in the country, we really have no idea how to get to the VW nationals each year.

So when we are close to the area, we look for a nice Beetle or Type 2 and simply follow it to the show. This year we followed a nice Type 2 Bus with three people inside, and we thought that they would have to be going to the VW Show [doesn't everyone??]

Well, this Bus took us to the front gate of the VW Show, but they didn't turn in. It seems that these people weren't really VW people at all as they drove right on past the VW Nationals. I'm just glad they showed us the way!

Funfest for Beetle

Story and photography by Cheryl Habing

EFFINGHAM, IL - For two days in early June, the town of Effingham, IL, is the world capital for Air-Cooled Volkswagens when Mid America Motorworks hosts its Funfest for Air-Cooled VWs. Funfest.

Funfest is a two-day "Customer Appreciation Party" for air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts. You can't beat the price-just about everything is free! There is no charge for admission, no charge for parking, no charge to visit the Mid America Motorworks museum, and no charge to attend any of the tech seminars or product demonstrations. You can even camp free on the Funfest grounds Friday and Saturday night, with toilets and sinks provided.

The honored vehicle for Funfest will be the classic, air-cooled VW bus, but all air-cooled Volkswagens are welcome. Last year, Funfest honored Herbies, while attracting an estimated 1,000 VWs, including Beetles, Super Beetles, Ghias, Buses, Things, Dune Buggies, customs, hot rods, and kit cars. There were even a few New Beetles and water cooled VWs to be seen.

Last year, Mid America Motorworks had two authentic Herbie cars from the movie, Herbie Goes Bananas. Their Herbies were on display, in addition to a NASCAR Herbie and a "Pimp" Herbie that were used in the latest movie, Herbie Fully Loaded.

For Air-Cooled VW enthusiasts, just seeing 1,000 cars in one place, and talking to fellow VW enthusiasts would justify a trip to Effingham, located about 90 miles northeast of St. Louis and 250 miles south of Chicago, at the intersection of Interstate Routes 57 and 70. But Funfest offers more than a vast field filled with Volkswagens, including:

-A scenic Road Tour Saturday evening.
-Technical seminars by Volkswagen experts.
-Displays of significant and unique VW models.
-Children's activities, including VW painting and racing.
-A VW Fashion Show featuring VW clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.
-An extensive Funfest Swap Meet featuring all kinds of Beetle parts and accessories.
-Blow-out best bargain area.
-Tours of the MY Garage R&D Center and Museum

You can also get a bargain on new VW parts and accessories. At Funfest, Mid America Motorworks sells any items in its catalog at 10% off, with FREE ground shipping. For more information, or to register for Funfest, go to the Mid America Motorworks website or call (800) 500-1500.

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