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Super Beetle Wallpaper

To install the SuperBeetles wallpaper you must first determine your desktop size.

WIndows Instructions:

1. Minimize this page.

2. Right click your desktop and go to screen resolution.

3. Take note of the "Screen area" setting (EG.1366 x 1025 pixels) and close window.

4. Right click on the closet size image below and select "Set as background"

5. You're done!

Apple Instructions:

1. Touch 1366 x 1025 picture and "Save Image".

2. Go to "Photos" and select the picture.

3. Tap the box with the up arrow at the right top corner.

4. Tap "Use as Wallpaper" pinch to size and "Set Both"

5. You're done!

1920 x 1440 pixels

1366 x 1025 pixels

1280 x 960 pixels

Submit a high-resolution (1920 x 1440 pixel minimum) picture of your Super Beetle to superbeetles (@) icloud.com
You'll have to type out the email address...we're trying to avoid SPAM

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