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Starting a Motor on the Floor

Ever since we did the Bug Me Video volume 3 engine rebuilt video people have asked us how we were able to start the motor on the floor. So in this Tech Talk With Rick article we will show you how it's done.

The first big secret is getting a starter bolted to the motor. You can do this with all or a piece of an old transmission housing. You can actually buy a starter mounting bracket with a remote starter switch from some of the larger VW parts vendors. I am sure Mid-America motor Works carries it.
Be sure your housing has the right starter Bushing.
Bolt the housing and the starter to the motor. We are using the more powerful auto stick starter that doesn't require a bushing in the transmission housing.
Connect a cable to the positive side of a battery then to the starter solenoid. Connect a ground cable to the negative side of the battery and to one of the bolts holding the starter on.
We use a boat gas tank just to be on the safe side. Fasten the line from the tank to the fuel line on the motor as normal.
To get power to the coil, which is equivalent to turning the key on, attach a wire with a push on connector to the clip on the number 15 or + side of the coil.
When you're ready to start the motor attached the other end of the wire with an alligator clip to the battery. The positive starter cable works fine for this.
You can use a remote starter switch for actually starting the motor.
Clip one end to the solenoid push on terminal and the other to the positive side of the battery or the starter cable. The engine would now be ready to start.
If you want to be sure of your oil pressure you to use a test light. Push the pointed end into the hole in the push on connector on the oil pressure switch.
Connect the clip on the end of the wire to the 15 or + side of the coil. The test light now will work just like the oil light on the dashboard. When the light goes out you know you have oil pressure. If you want to use a generic key switch most are marked well with battery B, solenoid S, and ignition I which goes to the coil. Always be sure the motor is secure and is full of oil. Obviously, don't do this in a closed area. You can see us start the motor in volume 3, many of the other points are covered in volume 10 in our Bug Me Video series.

Rick Higgins and Crew
Bug Me Video, Inc

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