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Fan Belt Replacement

Everyone who drives an air-cooled VW should know how to change their fan belt and should carry an extra in their car along with the tools to change it. The tools simply consist of a 13/16 or 21 mm wrench or socket (same as spark plug) and a medium screwdriver.If the fan belt/generator light ever comes on stop immediately to see if the belt has broken. Without the fan the motor will overheat in seconds and can be completely ruined in no time. To replace the belt put the notch in the back of the top pulley to the right of center and use the screwdriver to hold it still while you loosen the nut.

Now you can remove the space, possibly a few shims and then the outer half of the pulley.
There will likely be several more shims between the pulley halves. These are what determine the belt tension. The more shims the deeper the groove and the looser the belt and vice versa. Getting the right amount of shims is a bit of a guessing game. Start with a couple of more shims (taken from the outer side of the pulley) than were between the pulley halves with the old belt since the new one will likely be tighter.
Then go from there. Put the new belt in place and reinstall the outer pulley half. It will either have unequal sized tabs that fit into slots in the other half or a hub the only fits one way.With it and the extra shims and the spacer back in place squeeze and hold the new belt in position in the pulley as you tighten the nut with your fingers.
Be careful not to let the belt get down past the groove it rides in and restrict the pulley haves from coming together. As you tighten the nut with the wrench let the pulley rotate a couple of turns to help center the belt.
Now once again use the screwdriver to hold the pulley while you tighten the nut.

Check the belt for tension. It should give about 3/8" to 1/2".

It is good to check the belt for wear during other regular maintenance and replace it at you convenience rather than along the side of the road somewhere.Well, that's one more thing you have under your BELT. I will show you more next time. You can see this done in detail in our Vol.1 General Maintenance video available from Bug Me Video.

Rick Higgins and Crew
Bug Me Video, Inc

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