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Replacing the Throw Out Bearing Arm

While we are covering things that can be done while the engine is out of the car I am going to go over a problem that is occurring more often now that the cars are older. Often due to metal fatigue the fingers on the cross shaft that pushes the throw out bearing (throw out bearing arm) will crack and eventually break. Sometimes this will happen all at once and sometimes it happens more gradually and is a little hard to diagnose. It could easily be confused with the symptoms of a broken clutch cable. To replace the arm first the motor must be removed and the clutch adjusting nut removed from the cable which we have already covered. Then the arm that the cable attaches to must be removed. It may have been on there for thirty years or more so it may need a good soaking in penetrating oil maybe even a day ahead of time. I have found PB Blaster to be the best.

On most cars there is a small clip on the end of the shaft. The older cars had a pinch bolt. Remove the clip with a pair of spring clip pliers.

Then tap the arm off from the back side. Never hit the shaft on the end because you will likely peen it and make the job even harder.
Now remove the locking bolt that holds the bushing for the arm in place.
Now you can push or pry the arm outward until the other end of shaft is out and the bushing can be removed from the shaft.
Now you can remove the shaft from the housing.
The new shaft will usually come as a kit with the bushing which may or may not have rubber seals and other hardware.
Install the new arm into the hole.
Then push the lubricated new bushing into the hole around the shaft.
Line up the hole in the bushing.
Then reinstall the lock bolt.
Now install the metal cap and then the spring.
Now install the clutch cable arm with the wide part inward and the splines lined up.
Re install the clip.
And pry the spring back into place.
All that is left is to install the clutch cable and your throw out bearing and your done. You can see this done in person in Vol. 2 of our Bug Me Video series.

Rick Higgins and Crew
Bug Me Video, Inc

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