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Replacing the Fuel Pump

The VW fuel pump will run trouble free for many years but like all things they will finally wear out. When it comes time to replace your pump there are a few things to know to do the job right. There are three basic pumps for the 40HP and newer air cooled VWs that all bolt on the same and look very similar.

But they are not exactly interchangeable.The older 40HP 1200cc motor and the even older 36 HP pump (which is completely different and bolts to the side of the motor and not shown here) have a fitting that screws into the inlet side of the pump.
The two later pumps have brass lines that are designed to have the fuel lines pushed on. The braided German fuel line will push over these and make a leak proof connection without a clamp. They work much like a Chinese finger trap. The American fuel line of similar size needs to have small clamps to be safe.The later pump used on cars with generators stands taller than the pumps used on the even later motors with alternators. The alternator pump is shorter and tipped back to make room for the larger alternator.
SHORT PUMP This later pump could be made to work on the older motor but the drive pin is shorter than that of the original pump. RODS Using this pump with the wrong pin could ruin it. On the other hand the older pump will not pump with the short pin and will not fit under the alternator. So you see the need to match the pump to the motor, or more specifically to the alternator or generator. Before installing the pump you need to pack the underside with grease to keep it lubricated.
I also make a habit of removing just enough material off the outside of the fuel pump stand to make it slightly loose in the block. This can prevent it from swelling and seizing the pin at a later time.
The pump is right out there where you can see it and is held on with just two 13mm nuts. A 13mm flex socket is handy for the back nut. Just be sure you get the right pump and it should give you good service for many more years. You can see this and more in detail in Bug Me Video Vol.3, Engine rebuild.

Rick Higgins and Crew
Bug Me Video, Inc

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