VW Feature

My mother bought this Super Beetle brand new in 1979 and she couldn't even drive a stick shift at the time, but she knew she had to have this VW! Only 900 of the Triple Black Epilogue Super Beetle were ever made, so we're lucky to own one. It was involved in a hit-and-run accident and sat in our garage undrivable for years, until my grandfather and I started rebuilding it, beginning with the complete interior.

Super Beetle or Standard Beetle Super Beetle vs Standard Beetle, what's the diff?

The Super Beetle stood apart from the standard Beetle due to several key differences. One of the main differentiating factors was the MacPherson strut independent front suspension, which Volkswagen specifically engineered for this model. While Volkswagen never officially disclosed the exact reasons behind introduction of the 1302 and then the 1303 Super Beetle, it is widely believed that safety considerations played a significant role.

VW Factory Pics

The largest car-making manufacturing plant in the world 70 million square feet large resides in Wolfsburg, Germany, producing 3,800 Volkswagen vehicles per day. In 2015 that came out to about 815,000 vehicles. The factory halls alone take up a surface area of nearly 1 square mile, enough to accommodate the Principality of Monaco. The Volkswagen plant which first started manufacturing vehicles in 1945 handles everything from tool making to plastic production to housing one of the world's largest paint shops.