Orange Super Beetle

Meet "Tigger" my 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle. I bought Tigger spring of 2019 from my friend David Wiley, the owner of Creative Car Craft, a website for aftermarket fiberglass VW body panels. When I first picked him up he had dry rotted tires, no exhaust and very little brakes. I had to use the e-brake to stop, which made for an exciting experience on the nearly three hour drive home.

Top Line Parts

SB: When did you originally get into Volkswagens?

Jon: My father bought his first VW in 1958. He had to wait for the delivery from one of those little dealerships that they had at that time. When they called him on the phone they said: "We have two cars available, a black one and a blue one." Dad chose the blue one! Years later when Dad upgraded to a '66 1300 model, I sold my MG Midget and got the beetle from Dad.

VIntage VW Event

Saturday saw the kickoff of Club Veedub Sydney's 2023 VW Nationals with a cruise, organized by Euro Cruisers, from Prospect HomeMaker Centre to Wisemans Ferry. We had great support from both air-cooled and water-cooled cars. We traveled in convoy, via a short stop at the Vineyard Hotel, enroute to the Wisemans Ferry Bowling Club for lunch. The new lower car park had more than enough space for the 40 odd cars and will be a great location for future events. Again, thank you Paul for pulling this all together!