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I was stopped in the road waiting to turn and was just about to move and then BAMM!!! I got my 1972 Super Beetle back in 2005, restored it and it has been my daily driver ever since. I did the fully automatic transmission conversion in 2007. I love it wish I could find the rare center steer rack and pinion for it...I'm still locking.

I bought a BN2 heater and tried to add a fitting for a igniter. Finally I scrapped the combustion chamber and built a Stainless replacement from 2 and 3 inch pipe modeled after a propane gun heater. I added two glow plugs, one igniter and a Pertronix module with a small magnet epoxyed into the plastic Eberspatcher's fan, and it works perfect.

I had been planning the color change for a few years and the Marathon rims got bumps welded in for GM Rally Baby Moons that also had to be trimmed for the shallower VW rims. It all came to a head a month after the wreck and I finished the paint work. Christmas Day and I'm now refreshing up the interior.

A work in progress and all this was done by me and my poor eyesight...I just wanted it fixed. Even if I have to sell it I wanted it to be finished as I had planned. The last thing to do is to build a roof rack for it out of aluminum with oak spars as it's crowning touch. I have German plate to go on the front that reads "WOLFEY" as in Wolfsburg Edition.

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