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December 2017

December 2017:
I'd like to say a BIG HELLO to all of our new visitors that have been discovering our two air-cooled web sites through FaceBook. Finding Feature VWs for SuperBeetles and AllAirCooled seemed to be a never ending battle until I came across some air-cooled VW groups on FaceBook. So I joined V-Dub Goonies, East Coast AirCooled, VW LooseNuts, The Vintage Volkswagen Club of America, Super Beetles Only, The Classic VW Beetle Owners Club and The San Diego Air Cooled (VW Club). After posting a request for features on these FB pages I started getting PMs from members that were interested. I told them that all I needed was a few great photos of their VW and it's story and before long I had four feature VW's ready to go! This means I will be able to go back to a monthly feature at both sites! I am super excited and want to thank you all for your contributions so far.

That being said I'm going to need a total of 24 features for 2018 so there is still lots of time to send your VW in. At SuperBeetles we feature STANDARD and SUPER Beetles so don't let the sites name fool you. If I could go back in time I would have named it something else but 16 years ago I just got my 1303 Super so that was that.

At AllAirCooled we feature every type of air-cooled Volkswagen, including Beetles. AllAirCooled has room in our galleries for Buses, Things, Ghias, Type 3, Type 4, Beetles, VW Trikes, Dune Buggies and more. So if you've got some different and want it in the gallery or featured please send it to us at AllAirCooled (at) icloud.com.

Remember we only have room for twelve features per web site and no VW has ever been turned down! Send your Super or Standard Beetle today to SuperBeetles (at) icloud.com! Peace and love

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