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December 2018

Ho! Ho! Ho!
It's December and how I envy those of you that live in a warm climate all year long. Living in Canada is great but the cold, ice and snow really suck. Sure, people say it's great to see the seasons change but if I could push a button to remove the winter season... I'd do it. My car is stored for the winter and I have to keep myself busy with my two Volkswagen websites to get my VW fix for five or six months! One thing that I discovered is all of the air-cooled Volkswagen Facebook groups that there are online. I've made a lot of friends and now most of my features come from VW owners that I've met through social media. Another thing that I've done to try and shorten the winter is to hike and snowshoe during these cold months. My favorite days to hike are also the worst days that winter has to offer, the colder and the more blowing snow there is the more enjoy hiking the shores of Georgian Bay.

Back to Volkswagens...this month I feature yet another Super Beetle! Owner Valerie Graniczny says, "In 1976 I learned how to drive standard in a 1972 4-speed Bug. I remember that It was gold and had a crank open sun roof and that my friend and I had so much fun driving that VW! I fell in love with my first car that was a 1967 GTO that was also a 4-speed." This is about as close to perfect as you can get with a 1303 Super. Check it out an drop Val an email from the link at the bottom of her article.

So I need your help...I have two Super Beetles left to feature so that means I need 10 more for 2019. Having your 1302 or 1303 Super Beetle featured is so easy! All I need is a few great pictures of your Super and it's story. A lot of people are intimated with having to write the story of their Volkswagen. Don't worry, I have a list of questions to answer that will help you put your story together. Plus as a former editor for VW Trends I'll give your article the once over it make sure it's perfect! Interested? Great! Email me directly at superbeetles (@) icloud.com (to avoid spam you have to type this email address out yourself) and let's get the party started!

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season with the ones that you love and until my next update January 2019, peace and love!

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