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September 2018

September 2018:
In Toronto Ontario Canada they always say, "When the CNE opens summer is over" and I guess to a point it's true. The days are getting shorter, the beautiful beach sunsets are earlier and you start to feel that evening chill in the air. Well I'm here to say I hope that this fantastic summer never ends! Last year was full of rainy weekends but this summer has been incredible with soaring temperatures and long lazy summer days. I hope that each and every one of you has enjoyed your summer and has had a blast driving around in your air-cooled VW!

This months Feature is a beautiful Super Beetle owned by Nathan Myers. Nathan writes, "I have been into Volkswagens ever since I can remember. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a Bug. When I turned 15 I was looking for a car and my step dad found me an air cooled car but it was not a bug it was a 66 Chevy Corvair that he said was safer, read bigger, than a Bug. That was a great car and I was just happy to have a car. I had so many fond memories in it throughout high school. I had a buddy that had a Bug so we went out all the time in it so I got my fix. Fast forward 6 years after High school I needed a car and what do you know I found a 1974 Standard Beetle that had a build date of September 1973 my birth month and year! I spent countless hours with the John Muir book learning how to work on and keep my daily driver alive. I did an engine rebuild and lots of 90's classic touches to it it was a Cal Look bug and I lived in So Cal so." Please take the time to read the story of his 1302 and send Nathan an email from the link at the bottom of the page.

Just when you think the VW Event season is over...I've updated it with a whole bunch of NEW air-cooled events for you and your VW to attend! While you're there snap a few great pictures and put together an article about your day and send it in to be published on the Event Coverage page. You could become SuperBeetles.com next roving reporter!

Until next month Peace and Love!

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