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June 2018

June 2018:
I hope everyone is enjoying what was a late start to spring and summer up here in Canada. I finally thought winter was over and was starting to get ready for spring only to get hit with almost another foot of the white stuff! OMG! Now that set things back for anyone that owns a collectible vehicle because no one wants to drive on a road that's covered in sand and salt for from the winter. Now that the temperature is in the 20c's it time to get out there and enjoy your VW by driving it and attending a VW event or two!

That being said I'm putting out the call for articles on air-cooled events worldwide. To become one of SuperBeetles.com roving reporters take some great pictures and write up an interesting article of an air-cooled VW event that you're attending. To get an idea of what I'm looking for take a look at some of the Event Articles that have been featured at the site right here. Once you get it all together contact me personally and let's get your article on the website for the world to see!

Getting back to the June update at the site...I've got a fantastic Sports Bug as this month's Feature VW. These very rare Special Edition Beetles only came in two colours and featured a ton of special items not seen on any other Super Beetle. Speaking of Features at the site I'm always looking for Super Beetles to showcase and at this point I've got one for July and that's it. So if you love the mighty Super Beetle and want to keep this site 1302 and 1303 exclusive please contact me and let's feature your ride!

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