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SuperBeetles offers your business a central location for an ad that tops all of the pages at the web site, which makes reaching your target audience very effective. To insure lots of return visits, SuperBeetles is constantly updated, and with a Monthly Newsletter, High Performance 101, Tech Talk with Rick, Feature VWs, Galleries, Car-toons and a Busy Forum, we'll put your business in direct contact with thousands of loyal air-cooled aficionados worldwide. SuperBeetles is your best way to connect with air-cooled enthusiasts looking for parts, service and accessories for their vintage V-Dubs.

Our 2016 Stats: Over 3.6 MILLION Hits with more than 115 THOUSAND Unique Visitors and growing fast!

Google "Volkswagen Super Beetle", "Super Beetle" or "VW Super Beetle" to see where ranks out of over 12 millions results. We are #1 in the world in organic searches!

You get all the extras at SuperBeetles!

-Unlike other web sites, your banner doesn't "scroll away" as the visitor moves down the page. No matter what page is being viewed, your banner will stay on top, in full view, at all times!

-No hit or miss random locations for you. Your full size 468x60 pixel banner tops all pages and appears there every visit!

-A text link to your web site is included in every Newsletter!

-Your banner is placed on the Banners page at the site. This full size 468x60 pixel banner can be animated and may reside on your server, so you can change it as often as you like!

-A 234x60 pixel mini banner with mouse over description, is included with the other links on the Links page and a text link to your web site is placed on the homepage!

-All this for about *65¢ per day!

*Ask about our Special!

468x60 Banners

Our 468x60 banners include your company banner at the top of all pages. Your banner will included on Banners page and a mini banner will be added to the Links page. A hot link to your site is included in each Newsletter that is sent out to over 1,000+ subscribers. You can supply your own banner or we can design one especially for you at no charge. Banner size is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall and may contain animation on the Banners page only. This banner may reside on your server so that you can change it as often as you like.

Google AdSense Banners

If you would be interested in advertising at SuperBeetles using one of the new Google AdSense Banners, please click here for more information.

Our Policy

We only accept banners from air-cooled related businesses and reserve the right the decline any banner. All advertising packages are nonrefundable and must be paid in advance.

Click this link if you are interested in finding out more about advertising at SuperBeetles

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